Building blocks that spell the word play

What is Play Therapy?

  • Play Therapy is a technique where the child’s natural means of expression, play, is used as a therapeutic method to assist him/her in coping with emotional stress or trauma.
  • Play Therapy differs from regular play.
  • Play Therapy provides a safe psychological distance from the child’s problems.
  • Play Therapy allows the child to express their true thoughts and feelings in ways best suited to their development level.

How Does Play Therapy Work?

  • By safely confronting their problems in the protected play therapy environment, children find creative solutions.
  • Play Therapy and lasting resolutions may be discovered, rehearsed, and adapted into the child’s life.
  • Play Therapy allows trained play therapists to assess and understand children’s play and to use it in assisting the child in coping with difficult emotions and in finding solutions to their problems.
  • Children communicate their thoughts and feelings through play more naturally than they do through verbal communication.