Preschool Day Treatment (PDT)

Lighthouse’s Preschool, Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Programs are intensive mental health services that consist of psychotherapy and skills training for three hours per day, 4-5 days each week. Our preschool group serves children ages 3-6, the child group serves ages 7-10 and the adolescent group serves ages 11-14. These programs serve children exhibiting difficulties with social interactions and behavioral outbursts. The program’s services are aimed to help children function effectively at home, school, and in the community, as well as address parenting and relationship needs within the family.

Day Treatment is a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. Our focus is on social and emotional stability within a group setting. The program staff consists of a combination of therapists and skilled practitioners who are trained in Developmental Repair. Developmental Repair focuses on supporting and/or restoring healthy interactions which are developmentally appropriate for each individual child’s age and experience.

Children appropriate for Day Treatment often struggle with getting along with friends and family and struggle with severe temper tantrums. In Day Treatment, children learn how to recognize emotions, learn to use their words to replace aggressive behaviors, and develop calming skills. Developmental Repair takes into consideration any trauma or stress a child may have experienced which can often be the underlying issue causing social and emotional difficulties.

Lighthouse Child & Family Services (LCFS) has Preschool, Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Programs in Princeton. Each program serves up to 7-8 enrolled children. The programs run year-round.

The program is a billable service package covered by MA and PMAP insurances, only. For families who aren’t able to provide transportation for their children, LCFS staff will help families secure transportation through their insurance and/or school.