Children's Therapeutic Supports and Services (CTSS)

Children’s Therapeutic Supports and Services (CTSS) – Skills Training:

Children’s Therapeutic Supports and Services (CTSS) are a group of programs designed to provide rehabilitative services to children and family’s individualized needs. Individual, group, and family therapy and skills training are offered in a variety of settings: office, home, and school.

Skills Training Referral Process:

Anyone can refer a child or family for skills training. Most of our referrals come from area therapists, social workers, and school staff. To begin services, schedule a Diagnostic Assessment (DA) with one of our Lighthouse therapists or provide a current CTSS approved Diagnostic Assessment (DA) with a recommendation for skills training. The referral form is available on our website or by calling our main office, 320-983-2335.

Skills Training Practitioners:

In accordance with MN Statute, all Lighthouse skills trainers are Mental Health Practitioners with an accredited Bachelor’s Degree. Practitioners have at least 2000 hours Of supervised experience working with children with a mental health diagnosis or they have a Master’s Degree in a human services related field. All Mental Health Practitioners are supervised by a Mental Health Professional.

Insurance Coverage:

Coverage for skills training varies by insurance company and plan. Most Medicaid Assistance (MA) or PMAP’s cover skills training. Please call our office and ask for the Billing Manager for more details.

Treatment plan process:

The Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) for skills is developed based on therapist recommendations documented in the Diagnostic Assessment and Therapy Treatment Plan. Individualized skills goals are developed by our Skills Practitioners in the Skills Treatment Plan and reflect the coordination of all CTSS program services using a variety of teaching strategies to best fit child and family needs.


  • Measure baseline symptoms
  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Crisis planning
  • Emotion labeling
  • Social/emotional coping skills